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What Is Success Reads?

Success Reads is a compilation of business book reviews that I, Brian D. Hawkins, feel will help others in their professional and business endeavors. I don’t publish every book I read here, not even close. The only books you will find on this book review site are those I wholeheartedly recommend and would consider the best of the best. That’s why the website is full of 4 and 5 star reviews. There are many other books I recommend, and even review, both fiction and nonfiction. You can find many of those on my GoodReads profile.

Why Success Reads?

I needed another blog like I needed another hole in my head but I feel I have a lot to offer in the business and success book arena. I have read over a hundred books in the last several years looking for answers and inspiration.

Guess what? Many of the books I’ve read were a misuse of time, to be mild about it. While many business success books are a fantastic investment of time, others are merely regurgitated clones of previous authors or, worse, writers faking it until they make it hoping they have the facts right when all is said and done. It’s the latter that concerns me the most because without action, knowledge means nothing. Taking action on the wrong advice, however, can do some real harm.

In his latest book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, Tony Robbins said, “We’re drowning in information but we’re starving for wisdom“.  My hope is to save you a little time, and hopefully mistakes, by offering my honest review of the business, success, productivity, and finance books I’ve read.  I keep an open mind with my reviews and allow the value I perceive as my sole guide and have zero allegiance or dept to any author. Join me in this quest for greatness, will you?

Mission Statement

My ultimate mission for Success Reads is to help you find the best possible information and solutions in the vast sea of books in print on success, business, money, and the tools to success; whatever your goals.

I not only read the books, I study them and implement the lessons that make sense for my own objectives and offer my personal review of the content within.

My hope is to simplify your process of learning by pointing you in the right direction and then to inspire you to take bold action.

Do I profit from this book review blog? Yes I do, as little as that might be, but only if you use my affiliate links to make your purchases. That is entirely up to you but this resource is here for anyone to take advantage of. I hope you do.

I am here for you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you become your very best.

Thank you,
Brian D. Hawkins

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.
~ Warren Buffett

My Audible stats as of January 1, 2020.
My Audible stats as of January 1, 2020.

Meet your book reviewer

My name is Brian D. Hawkins, blogger, webhead (I love Spidey), geek, and bookworm. I’ve always been a reading machine and many of the books I enjoy are non-fiction business and success books. I do enjoy a nice book, as well as audiobooks, but Success Reads is about business building, influence and relationship marketing, content creation, social media and any other genre focused on your brand and business success.

Professional reviewer? You’ll notice in the description of myself in the above paragraph that there is no mention of being a professional book reviewer. I am most certainly not a professional book reviewer, although I did just purchase (On my Nook) and begin reading The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing just today. Update: I haven’t had a Nook in years. LOL Today I’m on my second Kindle Fire, a Fire HD 8 Tablet.

In fact, I have no serious illusions of becoming anything more than a trusted source of recommended business books to those that like many of the same books as  I do and choose to follow my reviews.

So professional? No. But please do not assume that I take any of my public content, especially reviews, lightly. I fully understand the true responsibility we must accept when given the gift of trust. Quick someone write that down, that was borderline genius! Oh, I just did. :0

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Book formats: I consume books primarily in three formats, print, digital, and audio. I have a bookshelf loaded with my favorite business books by authors I admire. I read daily, both printed books and books loaded on my Kindle. I’m also a HUGE audio book lover.

I am a Master audio book listener (Platinum AudibleListener®) on Audible [Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks] and that, along with listening to podcasts, has my ears and mind open for hours every single day.

My goal: My goal is simply to share my personal experience from reading and/or listening to my favorite success books. We all take in information in different ways and take different lessons from the content we consume. I try to take that into consideration when reviewing the books I read and try to offer a fair representation of both the book and the book’s author.

With that said, my book reviews ARE biased and I don’t pretend they are not. My book reviews are my personal opinion that I want to share with you, the fellow reader that loves a great book and wants to experience business and personal growth along with the enjoyment. I really hope they help.

Monetization: Like I mentioned, I’m a blogger and online business owner. While the primary focus of Success Reads is to share my reading experience, this website is also an online business so you will see ads, affiliate links and buy buttons. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I hope that doesn’t turn you off because it has no bearing whatsoever on my book reviews or the books I choose to read or feature.

I DO NOT accept compensation for book reviews and the placement of a book on this site cannot be purchased. The small amount of income generated from this site help me continue to pursue my love of blogging, reading, listening, and online business – all wrapped up into one! Does it get any better than that?

Thank you for your support,
Brian D. Hawkins

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