The Virgin Way by Richard Branson

The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership Book Cover The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership
Richard Branson
Business & Economics
Portfolio (Hardcover)
September 9, 2014

When one of the richest men in the world decides to share their business and success wisdom for anyone willing to listen, or read, there's going to be no shortage of eager listeners. You can add me to that list, a team of wild horses couldn't keep me from devouring this book. While I think every business owner of any size can benefit from reading The Virgin Way, I truly believe employees all over the world would stand to enjoy better work lives if their bosses would read this book and take it to heart.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. ~ Seneca

I found The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership by Sir Richard Branson a fantastic read. It’s more of a guidance and generalized advice type book rather than a specific list of actionable how-to tips but you will get that as well. The Virgin Way is a book about the path and principles of The Virgin Group and how it is run so effectively, for the business, the customers, as well as the employees.

  • Some of the things Richard Branson covered in The Virgin Way include:
  • Real leadership
  • Listening, note taking, and accessibility
  • Accepting feedback and how to recognize who’s input is most valuable
  • Mission statements
  • Taking on the giants (competition)
  • Hiring within or finding fresh talent
  • Time management
  • Thinking outside the box and rejecting the “business as usual mantra
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Creative employee incentives
  • Dealing with disasters
  • Decision making

Sir Richard Branson is responsible for over 400 companies under the Virgin Group, a multi-billionaire (#330 of Forbes’ 2015 The World’s Billionaires list at $4.8 Billion) and, after reading The Virgin Way, I’d have to say one hell of a guy. From the music industry to the airline industry, as well as an incredibly diverse range of business, Sir Richard has taken on industry giants and came up on top many times, and has lost many battles as well.

Branson doesn’t seem to hold back in sharing one interesting story after another. One of my favorite stories that Richard Branson tells in The Virgin Way is how an April Fools joke went so wrong that he spent the night in jail.

Mr. Branson covers a lot in this book. Other interesting topics covered in “The Virgin Way” include:

  • Passion
  • Public speaking tips
  • Creating a “Business Family
  • Having fun (with stories of parties, pranks, and having fun)
  • Connections and relationships
  • Working from home
  • Mentoring
  • Startups

The way I see it, though, just about anyone can chart a safe course and laboriously pick their way around a field of obstacles – but where’s the fun in that? ~Richard Branson

The Virgin Way isn’t all about “Business“, it about life lessons as well. Richard Branson will keep you glued to the book with artfully told story after story that, ultimately, he learned from. For example, how one of his elaborate April Fools jokes got him locked up and he spent the night in jail. We can only imagine the experiences of most billionaires so how lucky are we that the daredevilish & fun one is open to sharing all and helping us success along the way?

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